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BORN Toastmasters is an advanced club that formed so professional and aspiring public speakers could improve and take their speaking to the next level. We adopted the Toastmasters format for organizing club meetings while incorporating an enhanced feedback approach. At BORN, speakers receive invaluable "round robin" group feedback on ways to dynamically improve and strengthen a speech. We offer a friendly yet challenging environment that is aimed at supporting your speaking development. 


As a club of speakers, trainers, facilitators, and consultants, our members have various levels of speaking ability. Some are aspiring speakers while others are professionals who speak on the circuit. If you’re interested in gaining value from our club, we invite you to visit our next meeting!


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Jeremy Torisk


Joy Carter

VP Education

Ed Sansbury

VP Membership

Mary Chen

VP Public Relations

Jeremy Torisk

VP Technology

Maxine Terry


Public speaking at BORN Toastmasters
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